Monday, October 20, 2008

Decatur County Weekend

Mark guest post

After seeing David Sedaris Friday night and nearly wetting ourselves with laughter we made our way westward to see the Fam.

David Sedaris (before he quit smoking)

After stopping in at the house, we made our way to Perryville, specifically the River Arts Community there. Our bro, Jeremy Gibson, was playing a set on the stage there while the local news crew got the story - Wendy and I walked about to see what we could find (Note by Wendy: I found an incredible owl clock at a yard sale, full of kitchy good vibes).

The Stage (love the rebel flag amp)

Right across the road from the stage was this lovely house, with an open front door.

Inside we met the owner of the house, Stan J. Valencis. He creates a wide variety of work: acrylics, watercolors, pastels, sculptures, and murals.

He had some sweet cats, and the whole front room of his house was a gallery and studio.

The community is cute in so many ways. Sweet little houses with murals painted on the outside.

Note the mural on the retaining wall and the tree painted to the corner of the house.

Lots of baby making in this community...

Saturday's dinner was supposed to be Giada's mushroom pasta, however, our plans were thwarted when the fam decided we needed The Rusty Fish Hook in Linden. It was a smart move in the end so that we could relax and focus on hanging out.

The conversation hilariously bounced from talk of Sarah Palin to the Girls Next Door on E! to discussion of Paula Dean's most outrageous moments. Wendy shocked everyone with the story of Paula's breakfast hamburger, topped with bacon, an egg, and most insanely replacing the bun with two glazed Krispy Kreme donuts.

"That's the most outrageous thing I've ever heard," said Lacey - without pause, "Get me a Whopper!" We all burst into laughter. She's learned that she can really milk the laughs with her impersonation of that line.

Freddy ate a huge 20oz. steak

Kelley's dramatic take on our dinner - "Hooked"

I promised the girls we'd make pasta together. When they visited us in the summer they had such a good time making pizza dough, I knew they'd love the pasta process. I was so impressed how much they remembered from the pizza dough: what ingredients we use, specifically they remembered my borrowed (from Alton Brown) explanation of how yeast "burps" and creates the air which rises the dough, and the steps of the process.

We tore a neon yellow stalk off the "bright lights" swiss chard and used it to make bright yellow pasta - using the Tom Lazzaroli method passed to me in a magical conversation at his store. Here's a slideshow of the dough-making process.

On Sunday we finally made good on the mushroom pasta:

It was so very good. Half of the fam didn't even like mushrooms, but still raved about it.


Rachel said...

hey! I have yet to break out my red kitchenaid mixer. Google "IRB" and you will understand why. However, reading your blog has given me plenty of good ideas for places to start when I finally do.

BetteDavisLies said...

Out of this entire blog, I am most struck by that lovely wolf howling at the moon backdrop.

Amanda said...

I have so many things to say here.

1) I enjoy the idea of the River Arts Community, but I have to confess every time I go through there I can't shake my "Wee Meth Village" thoughts. Maybe it's just because it's Perryville?? Sorry, Perryville.

2) At the Mapco across the road from us they have the breakfast sandwich made with two donuts. All this time I thought it was an original; I feel so lied to.

3) I like Vick's highlights.

4) I swear to God, Lacey and Mark look totally related. I know they are, but you know what I mean.