Tuesday, September 2, 2008

I'm Mark

I'm Mark

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I'm the other half of this duo. Most of you who will read this also know me, so I'll spare too much introduction. Wendy and I have a sweet little life here in Nashville:

A sweet cat - (yes, we are crazy cat people)
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*note the relaxed paw - this is a natural lounging position for Zena.

...and plenty of space and toys to kill time joyfully in the kitchen with new projects. For a long time I was basically the "chopping team" and the meat tech.

At work as the meat tech
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In the last year however I've begun finding my own crafts to focus on - primarily, making great pizza and pasta dough.

*making some dough by hand in the spring
From Mark First Entry

Yesterday I worked on making my first ever flavored pasta dough using spinach, while Wendy made another batch of chili powder.

Pasta is easy to make. The recommended ratio is 3 eggs to 2 cups of all purpose flour. If you have a Kitchen Aid mixer or food processor with a blade attachment, those work best. You should start by placing the flour in your processor and turning it on for 30 second or more to aerate and evenly distribute the flour in the bowl. Then, beat the eggs in a mixing bowl and add to the flour. Run your processor until the dough comes together in a firm ball. If it beads up into little flour balls, add water 1 tsp. at a time and continue to mix. If it sticks to the sides of the bowl add flour one tbsp. at a time while continuing to mix.

The spinach pasta required one half cup more of flour and half of a 10oz. package of frozen spinach: chopped, boiled for a few minutes, and drained until as dry as possible. This was added to the beaten eggs before I added that mixture to the flour.

All the steps in the rest of the process

We're not sure how we'll use this pasta yet, but it turned out well. I sprinkled it with flour so that it won't stick together and placed it in a bowl.

Surely, we'll let you know how it turns out. --Mark

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Rachel said...

Fave pic so far= mark's shirtless pasta. You kids are too cute!! I will stay tuned...This is Rachel C., by the way